1991 Lakeland Drive   Suite  J,  Jackson,  Mississippi  39216      Phone: 601-259-6644            Fax: 601-981-1175
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About Us

Ryan Brown graduated from Mississippi State University with a degree in Management of Construction and Land Development  with the goal of creating extraordinary properties that equally serve the interests of the community and consumers.  That mission continues to be a driving force through today.  Ryan has always sought out the area's finest  architects, subcontractors, and support staff.   This enables him to be one of the area's most respected builders.

RLBC  uses the latest in design technology and  building practices, enabling us to be on the forefront of innovation.  Our projects vary from simple to simply spectacular.  We specialize in residential custom homes,  but can help you with commercial buildings, office space, and retail space.  We pride ourselves on our ability to form productive relationships with our clients,  businesses and government.  We build everything with honesty, integrity, and a solid commitment  to quality.  We never sacrifice quality for profit.  In fact, we  always want to be a  "cut above"  similar projects.  We build property with the end consumer in mind, allowing clients to profit and  to live comfortably.

Building quality is what we do best!

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